President’s Message

As noted by the wise – Today is a gift of God and therefore it is known as the ‘Present’ and therefore it is important that this present is utilized to the maximum and made the most of. This fame is a Present offered by our students showcasing their brilliance and highlighting the creativity of the dynamic young minds. During lockdown this period is a welcome break for all the students of Sainiketan to read and reflect upon. It gives a glimpse of their inherent talent, provides an insight into their positivity and celebrates the School’s spirit of ‘Education to Excel’ Tough are the times but it is surely the tough who get going.

As quoted by Rabindranath Tagore ’ One cannot cross a river by staring at it’ ,hence lets cross the river of challenges life has posed, by building strong bridges of kindness, compassion, understanding, tolerance and love towards human spirit as a whole. Let us preserve the essence of humanity which the school signifies and will continue to do so. We are living in a fast changing world. The pace of change is indeed so fast that almost everything seems to be in transformation mode. Since education cannot exist in isolation, the system needs to take cognizance of these developments.

Education all over the world is undergoing a radical shift. Knowledge is no longer constrained by time and space. It has expanded beyond the classrooms and school campuses. Hence, continuous mentoring, monitoring and evaluation of the learning environment need to be done to provide required intellectual stimulation to the young minds. In today’s world, how much you know does not matter, application of the acquired knowledge is more important. This is where excellence in present day education lies. Wishing you happy reading.

VIDYA WALI                         


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