Chairman's Message


“ Success is a journey and not a destination.”

Dear friends of the Sainiketan community, It is always a pleasure to address you, share my vision for the school and seek your cooperation towards realizing the same. John Dewey, the famous educationist said, “Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.” Values, skills and habits shape up children from a very young age, even before they start going to school. Imbibing ETHICS, developing the commitment and instilling the love for learning makes students grow up into responsible and ambitious young adults. ETHICS is the acronym for Emapthy,Team-work, Humility, Integrity, Courage and Self –discipline. Sainiketan strives to ingrain these values in children. This is a long and never ending road and can be travelled on successfully, when parents reinforce what is taught at school.

An environment to facilitate the development of all this has to be created both in school and at home. My experience in parenting teaches me that parents have to be active partners in the process and have to be involved in all the everyday activities that children participate in. Inculcation of values, skills and habits is a journey that children pick up as they go through their school life which in turn takes them ahead in life. The guiding philosophy at Sainiketan is child-centric education to ensure that children spend their childhood in a happy and positive learning environment. Learning will happen automatically. Parents and teachers must create the environment for learning and work consistently and relentlessly with the children and I am sure we will have an alumni that makes a mark for itself.



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