School Facilities

A PU Science College students at Sai Niketan not only learns the intricacies of the subjects but is also trained in interpersonal & societal skills.

The academic fraternity of the college sharpens the academic potentials of the students and under the watchful eyes of a qualified psychologist the students learn stress management. Equal emphasis is also laid on memory training, aptitudes and attitudes.


Our Resource center is equipped with the latest books, periodicals & research reports. Resource center has broadband internet access.

Computer Labs

Computer-aided learning is an integral part of Sai Niketan School & College, especially higher classes. Sai Niketan School & College...

Science labs

Sai Niketan School & College has labs for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics & Math’s for practical learning of the concepts.


Sai Niketan School & College is planned meticulously so that the children travel the least amount of time. Sai Niketan School & College Provides P.G. ..