Life Through the Eyes of a Mathematician

H2A Mathematics is in every aspect of our lives; from a mother-child relationship to a person’s every needs. The emotional distance between a mother-child can be minimised, i.e. there exists a Delta > 0 for which we have Epsilon > 0. A mother always tends to a child, who is a limit to her. Every person has∞ desires to fulfill despite knowing the fact that ∞ is not a real number. Human beings generally behave like a modulus function as they react positively or negatively according to the circumstances or people around them; whenever a person is looking forward to a positive outcome from a situation he takes the positive values otherwise he chooses to remain indifferent by taking the negative values. Friends are like limitless functions separately but together they become a constant function. College students resemble ‘unlike terms’ of algebra, that is, until the lunch break. The Cafeteria then becomes their limit point of enjoyment as there exists a lot of points in that interval of time. A group of friends is like an integral domain because of the absence of zero divisors which implies there exists two friends such that (1st friend x 2nd friend) = 0 as their love for each other makes them an identity together. Teachers are synonymous with integration as they increase the capabilities of a constant student with their knowledge and magnify a student’s capabilities. The most important lesson Mathematics teaches us is the will to never give up as every problem has a solution.

We have a strong team of mathematicians in our group who could take care of our children’s problems.

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