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There is one corner of the Universe you can be certain of improving and that is your own self. -Aldous Huxley Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcome the consequences of any misfortune – William James

Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror. “Life is like a mirror and it looks as we are. If you are honest and healthy then others also look like as you are. So first you love your self to achieve the goal you have decided. Of course honesty is the most valuable gift from the God. We can’t expect it from cheap people. If you are cheap then you can’t be honest. To develop your personalty first you improve your self by all means so that you will be an asset to your family and the team that believes you. Then the question arises how to love yourself?

The first & foremost step towards this is to accept your life as it is, the way you unconditionally accept your

child. It could be the worst phase of your life, any unsuccessful event or any other disappointment whatever it is, just

accept it. That is the only key towards a better life. When you accept your life despite all setbacks, you immediately

‘Happiness & self-acceptance go hand in hand’. In order to accept your life, you have to accept yourself first. When a person loses his hands or legs in an accident, he may lose all hopes of survival. Yet there is a lot of love left behind even in the adversity. It’s just as if some part of you is missing & you have to learn to live without it. But your dignity, your senses, your wholeness as a person to live your life, all that is still with you. You are very much the same person as long as people make you feel so. What I feel is, as long as I am in love with myself, I am ready to face anything, any challenge.

Now the question is how to accept ourselves. It’s quite simple. You need to look deep within yourself to find out the

qualities you admire & you hate in yourself. Let me share with you some of the best strategies that will definitely help you to love yourself. First of all shift your thoughts from negative to positive ” instead of worrying about what you can’t control, shift your energy to what

you can create”

Make a positive image of yourself, not only for yourself but for everyone else. Many times we wear an image that is something different from our true self. We try to hide our original self in order to win the favor of others. It’s quite harmful for our physical as well as spiritual self image. Let us be and show what we are,”Love is like sunrays, the more you radiate, the more it reflects.”

When it hurts, observe, life is trying to teach you something. There is always enough scope for self improvement. Try to build your desired image in your mind & go ahead. Make last effort & see a completely new you. Accept the new you. love yourself unconditionally & without a reason. Just continue to believe yourself & play your role because no one on earth can play your role better than you.

“Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.”



Human greed is unending, according to Lord Krishna, the sole cause of all misery is ‘greed’ Hence, we must limit our desires & greed in order to lead a peaceful & successful life. You & your life too should be your first priority along with other obligations.

People who love themselves less likely to suffer from anxiety or depression. It helps reduce stress, lessen procrastination & makes you more focused at work. Finally, everything depends on the choices we make in our life. Self-love is not being selfish, it is just putting yourself first & not being too tough on yourself. If you truly loved yourself, you could never hurt another. The success of life depends not on your riches but on how much you loved yourself.

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